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Anonymous asked
Im not scared of jail. Lets leave this at that. Take my name off this shit.

I don’t think you understand. This is a public forum. You continued to harass David and Orlando on the phone and you kept it going by writing to me even after I asked you to stop. If you would just stop writing, I’d have nothing to post. As far as you being scared of jail, I think you are scared and I don’t wanna put you there but I will if you continue to threaten to release my personal videos and photos. Like I told Amanda, I wish you well, pretend I’m dead. I’ll do the same.

Anonymous asked
Hey if you dont take off all those messages with my name on it i still have those videos of you. Take off those messages and lets leave it at that. Have a good life.

I’m going to get a restraining order on you. If you post any of my videos or pictures I will have you arrested. I suggest you let this go.

The feeling when

You thought someone might be cool but they turn out to be psychotic and you’re just like whoa thank god I got outta there!! Yea. That’s how I feel right now. Took the man of my dreams for granted way too long. I fucked up with him and I’m gonna make it up to him and you, Angelo Santos will not intimidate me or my friends. So do what thou wilt as the devil once said. We ready. I LOVE DAVID TABLADA.

Anonymous asked
You have ruined me.

I’ve been known to ruin men. Another one bites the dust.

Anonymous asked
I ask myself like what was it that i did wrong so i can fix it like ..was i not funny anymore? U just missed ur ex? What was it? Please if i dont get you back ill hit rock bottom so hard please noralis i love you

I just realized you’re not on my level so dipped. Move on dude. You’re looking real lame and weak.

Anonymous asked
Please Noralis i need you. I love you. Just come by my place please just come back please im begging you please come back to me youve known me longer than this fuckinf asshole who pointed a gun at u and hit u. Like why would u leave me for that??


Anonymous asked
You bailed on me dude. And that whole shit u said about me "wanting you to leave" fuck that manipulating ass shit you left cuz i missed ur ex.

I do what I want. Go cry elsewhere.

Anonymous asked
Do u realize what u have done? I planned forever with you and u bailed on me and aborted my child cuz u wanted ur ex back. Now im homeless. Amanda wont take me back.

Go to camilus house then you fucking junkie. I dodged a bullet with that abortion. No regrets.

Anonymous asked
I cant believe you havent even tried to get in touch with me. You need to call me like now. Or ima show up to ur house and ur gonna talk to me there ur not just gonna play with my life like that

Sensitive niggas. Cause I got the fire pussy